English version: Artificial Pancreas – And the medicine evolves even more to our satisfaction…

An artificial pancreas, which monitors blood sugar levels and automatically releases adequate amounts of insulin, is the new promise for the treatment of type 1 diabetes (this type of diabetes, the patient must take multiple daily insulin injections to control disease).
Cambridge University researchers tested the device and says it is ready to be used by diabetics in their own homes. They did the research with 24 hospitalized patients. The findings were published in the journal British Medical Journal.


The device combines a glucose sensor implanted in the body to pump with a catheter, which releases insulin. By detecting changes in sugar levels, the sensor triggers RF signals to the pump, which releases the appropriate amount of insulin.
In the study that tested the device, patients were divided into two groups: one fed with reasonable amounts of food and other ate and drank too much alcohol.
Lots of food and drink increases the amount of blood sugar and more insulin is needed. The artificial pancreas has correctly detected the different needs and managed to control blood glucose levels in both groups (ie, total success).
In diabetics, this control is very delicate. “What keeps the type 1 diabetes is insulin,” says endocrinologist Antonio Chacra, UNIFESP. The problem, he says, is to calculate the amount to be injected (too much insulin can also Levri death – as hypoglycemia).


One of the main dangers with the injections is to reduce too much the level of blood sugar, said Saulo Cavalcanti, president of the Brazilian Society of Diabetes.
When the insulin supply is excessive, reduce the rates of glucose and can lead to fainting, seizures and even death. At night, the risk is higher. “Sleeping the patient can not feel the symptoms,” says Cavalcanti.
According to himself, the artificial pancreas is a safe way to control blood sugar and reduce risk.
For Mark Tambasco, professor of endocrinology at Unicamp, the apparatus is the development of treatments for diabetes, but we still need to test it in more people, to assess safety.
The doctors estimate that the artificial pancreas will be available on the market within three years.

A more lively this medical breakthrough …
According to the Fantastic matter yesterday (24/04/2011) Dráuzio Varela explained that problems with glucose control are much more serious than it feels! So the hint and our immense satisfaction with this study and the same success!

We appreciate the visit of Americans to our humble BLOG! God bless … And come back soon, of course!


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